Remove the prewritten path value

Hi, while bot typing it show the below path, which written previously, But I don’t want to see this already used path. Bcz of this bot is not able to select the file name, what can I do that bot not show the reference file name.
I highlited in Yellow color.

you want me to change in the type into activity property.
@Palaniyappan @indra

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Hi @balkishan

Could see these 2 files exists so based on the path exists activity and pass the path and use delete file activity
and then try to use type into activity


Hi @balkishan,
Enter the file name with extension and click save or keystroke “enter”.

–followed by click activity before type into activity use a SEND HOT KEY with ctrl + a key and another activity with ctrl + x
–followed by that use a get from clipboard activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_filename
–now use a type into activity and pass the variable str_filename as input


that would work for sure
Cheers @balkishan

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Bro Any other method you know conversion from Excel to PDF.

I use the method to read the files from the folder then open the current EXCEL and then press f13 but sometime it’s working and sometime not.
see how it’s working

it’s executing the excel in the TAB then f12 is not working it showing canceled rest of the activity.

@syedabidraza Please suggest bro…

Try this @balkishan

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Okay let me try bro, Thanks!!

Hreesh I installed it but I am not able to see this, this first activity is not this , this is for another.

Yeah, I’m also not getting any activity for that @balkishan

Can you check if the move file activity helps you to make the data in excel to a pdf format?

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Okay let me check that one also bro

It worked fine for me , but not sure if this helps in your scenario :slight_smile:

provide some delay as excel may not work as fast as UiPath and in result it is getting hang or loading slowly .
Use element exist activity to check selector before entering any data

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entering data means file path??

actually i tried to just save the excel to pdf in save as option of excel application
and it worked fine for me as per this steps
are we facing any issue in that
kindly let know pls
Cheers @balkishan

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Hi All thanks for your positive response. Appreciate it.

After implementing many method. I got the best method to convert from Excel to PDF. If you have one single sheet.

Make sure give the full path of source and destination (Ex. C: and so on…)


Use this activity. If you have multiple file then make the name of the file and path is dynamic and it’s working fine.

No need to open excel, then use send hot key and all!!
see result here.

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May i know what is the package installed
Cheers @balkishan

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Sure bro!!

It has only single activity.



thanks for the info @balkishan

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Always happy to help :slight_smile: