Read a particular value from multiple excel

How will i fetch one particular value from multiple excel sheet? Each sheet contains different number of rows, and every excel will have a value for “TOTAL”, like total = $74374 and the value of excel will be different in each excel. How will i extract that specific value from different excel. Someone please provide me the solution…

Hi @Sravenco,

There can be better solution to this problems.
May be you can try mine ,

Just use Launch Excel application scope and specify the excel file directory.
Send hotkey combination of Ctrl + f keys.
Now in the text box of find window- type in “total” and hit enter.
The cell “Total” will be selected.
Then send another hotkey combination - Right Arrow keys.
So the cursor would move to next cell which will contain the value or the number corresponding to “Total” Cell.
Use Copy Selected text activity and since the current cursor position is on the cell which contains the “value / number” corresponding to “Total” Cell - > It wiill copy it.

Store it in a variable and display it to check if its correct or not.

Repeat this for every excel sheet that you have.

May be you can try this

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thank you for the solution. But, how will i send hot key to excel? the hot key ctrl+f i send reaches the file directory, but not the excel file opened.

in the same way, how will i do for multiple pdf files? I dont know what im missing using OCR, but im not getting in it… any solution pls?

Try this (95.1 KB)

Please extract this in UiPath Folder where all ur existing projects are there .

Launch it and run it , see if this is what u r looking for

thank you so much. it helped me a lot. can you also pls provide me a solution the same way to do in multiple pdf?

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See , In this port i have suggested how to open pdf using firefox and get the data from pdf.

You can get any data from the pdf if its open on browser

try to go through it and let me if it helps

Or else , i will try something else :slight_smile:

The content of the pdf changes from one file to another, but there will be a value for “total” in every pdf… … the “total” value may be at the end of the file too… in that case, its not fetching the value of “total” properly.

Hi ,

1.> Please send the Hotkeys “Ctrl + a” to the pdf file which is opened in Firefox browser.
2.> This will select all the text of the pdf file.
3.> Use Copy Selected Text Activity - it will copy all the higlighted text and store it in Variable.
4.> Use Matches Activity and use pattern matching

If the Total is written as
Total : 112$
use reg exp as “Total : [0-9$ ]*”