Add extracted information in Excel

Friends help me, I need to read all PDFs that are in a folder, get the information and put the extracted information in Excel, adding and not overwriting.

hi @KarinaFreitas use write range activity ,inwhich remove the tik mark from the overwrite option then only the overwriting won’t be raised…

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Hai @KarinaFreitas

  1. Read the pdf with the read pdf activity

2.In assign FileInside [] = Directory.GetFiles("\data\"*.*",SearchOption.AllDirectories)

If you want to read all files then mention “ . ” else specify like below for particular files.

Excel - “ .xlsx"
PDF - "
3.Then use write range activity to write in excel
U can refer it Sequence.xaml (5.8 KB)


Thank you! But how do I use these variables in Excel? I’ll attach the prints here for you to see if it’s correct.
Which variable do I use in the output of the Write Range activity?

Haii @KarinaFreitas,
Which variable used for store the files, please use that variable in the output of the write range activity


1.use assign activity before the read pdf activity.
2.Within that assign activity create the variable as named FileInside and put this expression in VB expression field,
** Directory.GetFiles(“\data".”,SearchOption.AllDirectories)** as wat nandhuba said above… you use read pdf activity and pass the variable FileInside

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You have the order of activities a little confusing… If excel will be the same, dont open it inside a For Each , but before it or you will have it opened several times causing your process to be slow and have more error possibilities… Process you pdf before the excel scope and never inside it.

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will this make you read all the PDFs in the directory? At the moment it is what I need to not only see the pdf that I select in the activity.