Click on "other are also making changes" window in excel

Hi all,

my robot always stops working when the following window pops up while using the excel activity “remove duplicatesX”:

The robot continues when I click on any button or even when clicking on cancel. But until then, the robot gets stuck. When I put the debugger on the activitiy its just running endless if I don’t click anything on that popup.

I tried to implement an UIautomation to click a button if the popup apeears with the element exists activity but its not working because the robot gets completly stuck.

Does anyone has an idea how to solve this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Opposed to using excel to remove duplicates you can store the data into a datatable using the read workbook range activity then use the datatable remove duplicates activity then store in a final DT, this means you will not have to use the excel application.

Such as

Hi aquinn,
thanks for your answer!
The excel scope activity is needed for a number of other activities as well, so I was hoping that there may be a workaround to solve this. I just have to click the popup but since the code gets stuck when the popup appears, I cant achieve this.

You could use a click image to maybe detect it on screen opposed to a selector

Thought in the same direction but the problem is the click activity is not triggered because the code stops in the Remove duplicates excel activity.

Only after clicking an option in the popup, the code continues to proceed. At that time when reaching the click activity the popup is obviously gone because you clicked something before…

Is there maybe an option to run activities in parallel?

Yes! there is an activity called “Parallel” and it looks like this

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Hi @fk48

Use a parallel activity with the click on that pop up on the left and your excel activities on the right. SO when pop up is identified bot clicks on it and continues


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It works like expected, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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