RemoteException wrapping System.NullReferenceException


I assume this is a very repeated issue, however i guess this could be a slightly different version. I receive this Null reference/object reference not set … error.

When running locally, it works fine but when starting from Orchestrator the bot runs into this error. any thoughts ??? checked all the variables, assignments, nulls etc …

appreciate your inputs

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What is the use case when this happens? can you provide a screenshot?

May I know with which activity we are getting this object reference error

Usually it would occur if a variable doesn’t hold any value and this error appears if we try to use it

As its like error throws when ran from Orchestrator make sure you have all the assets created, mapped input or config files with proper file

Run in debug mode so that you will easily get to know where it is failing and why it is failing

Once we meet the error when ran in debug mode click on local panel and see whether any variable or argument is with NULL Value. This will help you get the root cause

Cheers @Hara_Gopal

Hi @Palaniyappan, as i said there are nor errors when run/debug locally. may be something to do with Orchestrator …

Hi @Hara_Gopal

Can you validate the project , before pushing it to orchestrator and try running one more time

Also please be careful while naming the xamls.
These might cause problem later if you want to download the package from orchestrator to work on it again

Hi @Hara_Gopal,

Do also check if the unattended robot has access to assets and that it can retrieve the correct assets I.e., if you have used assets.

As @Palaniyappan mentioned, this occurs only when a variable / argument holds no values. Since you have tested it on debug and it works fine, the error occurs in the robot machine. So logically, the robot is encountering a null variable or argument and failing.

Orchestrator in itself is not the cause for this issue.