Remote Process Management


Below is use case and trying to create a robot for the same. Please help how can it be achieved. I did partially but not able to handle steps in the remote machine. Is UiPath provide any way to handle activities on remote machine?
Quick response is highly appreciated.
Use Case:

  1. Login to remote machine using mstsc command. (Able to achieve using Start Program method)
  2. Then start “comexp.msc” program.
  3. After successful opening, locate a service for apache then check the status of it.
  4. If it is stopped, then start the apache service.
  5. Logout from remote machine
  6. Access the application in browser and validate the response.

NOTE : Using UiPath version 2016.2.6142 (community edition).

mstsc is Citrix/Remote Desktop automation therefore

  • there are some tips and tricks in order to automate via the command line (would this be possible?)
  • the rest should be handled via image automation

Thank you, I was able to complete the use case with Citrix.