UIPATH data scraping application in rds environment


I want to use UIpath for application to do some datasscrapping because we can not get the data from the database because the licencer is holding the information. There for an employee needs to manual collect the information from the applicationn and then in fill it in an excel file.

An option for us is that we use UIPATH to extract the data. Uipath has to login into the application, searching for the right information in different menus and then using data scraping to extract it to a csv file. The login part can also be: UIPATH logs in from a local environment into the RDS environment, then into the application or UIPATH is installed in the RDS environment and then logs in the Application.

For me there are 2 challenges. First, i dont know if UIPATH works in a RDS environment of the company. Seccond can UIPATH do this task and extract the information from this particular application (what kind of info is important to know).

Thank u very much for your help.

Hi @Umbrellavs,

Yes. You can run the UiPath in RDS Environment. The below links will help you