Reminder email in Action Center

Is there a setting in Orchestrator that can send a reminder email to the user that has a task Assigned to him?

For example if a task is assigned to me and a week passes without doing anything to the task, I want to get a reminder email.

Hi @andreas.theodoridis

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I wanted to know for a reminder notification and unfortunately this does not says anything regarding the reminder emails that i want.

For example, when a task is assigned to me, I get a notification that i have a task. I want, if a week passes to get again a notification that a week has passed from the task that is assigned to me.

But thank you for reaching out!

Hi @andreas.theodoridis

Check out this thread

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Unfortunately that is not what I am looking for.

I don’t want the notification to the mobile app.

I want to resend an email as a reminder that a task is still pending on a specific user after a week.