Notifying user of task assigned in Action Center

When a Form task or External task is assigned to a user in Action Center, how does the user gets notified of it? I cannot see any email getting sent to user’s registered email address informing of the assigned task.
Ideally user should receive and email with a link in it which will take him/her to the task page directly.

Is there any setting for this in Orchestrator which I am missing?

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We have the same problem. This feature would be crucial for out application.

Can someone from UiPath team confirm whether this feature is in pipeline and if there’s any release date for it. Action Center is such an important feature for long running processes but without a mechanism to notify users of actions assigned to them its hard to convince them to use this feature.

Hi, I would also be interested in this one. Have you found a solution in the meanwhile? Thank you!

Hello Community,

I am also interested in this.
Does anyone have a solution?

Hi @adityamooley,

If a user has mobile orchestrator/Action center installed on phone, they would notifications when any task is assigned to them.

Additionally, you can built your workflow such that as and when action is created in action center, you are sending mail to that user to notify of the action.


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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,
so if I download the orchestrator app it includes the action center?
This would be great since our top management works primarily with the phone and those processes are perfectly designed for approval processes.

Hi @adityamooley,
you could retrieve the action number and send an outlook email from your workflow with the link since the url is standardized and ends with the action number.

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