Action Center notifications in public preview

We are happy to announce the new notifications feature within Automation cloud portal for Action Center events in public preview. :tada:

Action Center users will now receive built-in notifications through two channels, in-app and email to notify them with the most relevant events like Action assignment (bulk& single), Action forward and Action un-assignments. Users can manage their own preferences for opting-in or opting-out of these notifications from user profile itself. All cloud customers will have this feature enabled without any pre-requisites or changes in the workflow.

These notifications are powered by a global notification service that provides uniform user experience for all users interacting with notifications, with more UiPath services enabling notifications feature in the coming weeks.

Notification preferences

Users can opt-in and opt-out of notifications from user profile → Preferences-> Notifications. Alternatively, users can also navigate from the settings icon from notifications pane. User can opt-in or out at service level or group of events or individual events. They can also choose to either receive only email notifications or in-app notifications or both.

In-App Notifications

Users will receive notifications in Automation cloud portal (and in desktop products in future releases) in a notifications pane irrespective of the service context or tenant context they are in. Users can navigate to the right context by clicking on each notification item. They can mark them as read or clear notifications.

Email Notifications

Users will receive email notifications to their registered email with UiPath for all the events that are subscribed to receive email notifications

Upcoming Features

We are looking forward to add more notification features in the coming weeks

  • Email digest for events that does not require individual notification emails
  • Send notifications for Action Center events (Actions create, delete, complete etc)
  • Ability for users to set notification preferences to filter notifications by Action Catalog
  • Enable users to subscribe by severity to events
  • Admin scenarios to customize email templates, set notification preferences for all users in a tenant, set mandatory notifications per tenant etc.
  • Enable developers to send custom notifications from workflows targeting a user or user group

What is not supported in this preview ?

Automation Hub and Orchestrator will continue to show alerts local to that particular service as this is a transition phase until all services starts consuming global notification service.

Have some feedback or feature requests ? :writing_hand:

Do write to us here


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is this only available for cloud? how about on premise?

Only available on cloud yet