Reinstalling a Package

Before I put in a support ticket, I wanted to see if anyone in the forums may have a solution for my issue.

I have a weird one where sometimes a user’s profile won’t sync right and so some of the files are missing from the automation folder. When they try and run an automation through assistant, they get an error saying that the xaml file is missing. Basically it’s as if enough of the folder is there that UiPath thinks the automation is installed, but not all the files are actually there. I’m not seeing any way to force Assistant to reinstall the automation or any way to do a restore or a uninstall/reinstall. I’ve been able to recreate the problem by manually deleting the xaml file from an automation folder but I can’t figure out a solution. Any ideas?

you can delete the package from the .nuget repository folder and let it install again by the Assistant

It’s not letting them do that; even though it’s in their own profile folder it’s still saying they need admin permissions to delete that folder.