Installed Packages are missing


I install packages in XAML file before creating a workflow and created a workflow. But, when I close it and want to run the workflow on some other time, I need to install packages again. I’m getting errors like workflow designer encountered problems with your document. Also path to read CSV file activity created after installing csv package, but when opening the XAML file again the csv file package is in uninstalled state and getting errors with the object created for the path to read CSV file. How to keep the packages in installed state for ever.


Karthik, I request you to explore more in the forum as first preference… i am sure you won’t get disappoint. because there are many answers are available for well known issues. just exploration… little patience is required. :slight_smile:
also missing packages issue will resolve if you update your Dot.Net Version above 4.5.

Hi rkelchuri,

I want to automate a task in tableau from many days…unable to do it. Im not a person in automation…

Sure Karthik, You are welcome to learn UiPath.

You need these material. Please use video links and i am sure you will become master.
All the best.