Regex / Pdf Invoice Extraction in StudioX?

Hi All,

Is there a Regex / OCR activity in StudioX ?
Im coming from Studio to StudioX, just messing about really.
Im wondering what kind of document understanding / pdf invoice extraction activities are in StudioX ?

Thanks, Mike.

Hi @MikeC ,

Initially Uipath introduced studiox for the business users(citizen developer) without technical knowledge they can automate their own simple tasks.

But now a days any citizen developer who wants go little technical with studiox they can use some studio activities to automate their daily redundant tasks. It can be achievable by using enabling developer filter on your activities section in studiox.

I assume you are from technical background but you are instructed use studiox in that case for your scenario please check for normal uipath pdf activities in studiox by enabling developer mode.

Otherwise if we don’t want go technical if the pdf is standardised and you can use your acrobot reader or browser to open pdf and use Ui automation to capture the data from the pdf.

Sharing my thoughts. Thanks.


Thanks for that, I never spotted that Developer option lol.
I was just seeing what StudioX could but more importantly couldnt do.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Your most welcome.

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