PDF Automations (Invoices)

Hi Guys, have someone at this forum created a good PDF read template and would like to share it? Is there an template produced like the REF framework that i can find somewhere?

Im tryging to figure out how to automate a PDF invoice read process and would like to see examples of best practice or to see what you guys have done.


Hi @michael.tanzi ,

Refer this below:

If you want to extract the data using Document understanding you can refer this link:


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Thank you for the help. i cant get my anchor base to choose a specific point in the pdf. it want to choose the whole document. this pdf is not scanned, it is a data generated pdf.

what do you think is the problem?

Hi @michael.tanzi May be the pdf file the text will be in a image so it is selecting text as whole. so to avoid it use read pdf with ocr activity.

Or it may be the issue with pdf settings, u had to correct it by using below instructions.

The best way is to read the pdf using read pdf activity or read pdf with ocr and use some string manipulations or regex method to extract the data. It will be good practice since it helps in backgraound processing and getting invoice data as required.


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Thanks for the help, still my selectors do not react on the pdf elements.

Hi @michael.tanzi

I think the best approach is to use the read PDF activitiy and store the output in string and use some regex pattern to extract the Required data

It would be best approach

Try that


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