PDF Extraction, OCR and ACTION CENTER question

Hey UiPath guys, good Monday!
I want to ask you a question about how to proceed with a workflow that I have in mind.
The idea is to use Action Center, but I don’t see many forums dedicated to that so I’ll tell you what my idea is and I think that it will be usefull to many of us.
First and foremost, everything is about reading and extracting specific invoice data. I want to try to read the pdf and extract with regex (But you can give me some tips to how to do this haha). If not, proceed with ocr.
If even so, the pdf cannot be read or the specific data is not extracted with regex or ocr, Action Center would enter the scene. And it is the question that I come to ask. How would you do it? What activities would you use? Is there a way to suspend the process until there is a response in the action center? Or a way to load all the data into the action center and then resume the process with all the necessary data?

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Hi @RossBastian
Good Day! did you try to use the document understanding of uipath in reading pdf


Happy learning :smiley:

Oh! Thats another point, I can’t use Document Understanding in this workflow…
Hahaha, to make it hard xD

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