German invoice data extraction pdf

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I am trying to extract data from German invoices in pdf formate.
I am able to get data from “Read PDF Text” activity and perform some string operations to extract required data.

However, I am looking for a better solution. can anyone suggest me if there are any other tools i can use like Flexicapture or any AI related algorithms i can integrate in UiPath.

i also tried Taxonomy manager and machine learning extractor. but it did not worked. kinldy suggest me a good solution.

Thank you!

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to extract specific data you can use regex!
after reading pdf

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yah we can use ABBY FLEXICapture but it should be a licensed version

READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR will work actually and to get the required data we can either use Split, Substring or Regex methods
may i know the issue you were facing on using of these methods


we can convert these PDF files to doc file or docx file with adobe reader application through front end UI using EXPORT PDF option, so that we could read them with WORD packages in uipath using UiPath.Word.Activities from Official tab in Manage Packages in design tab

Cheers @susheel.chandra

hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your solution.
but, for my requirements string operation is not sufficient.
for reading my receipts, i need something similar to IQ bot of Automation Anywhere.

kindly let me know if there are any uipath packages similar to IQ bot of AA.

Thank you!

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