Regarding Windows Legacy

I changed my project to windows legacy and there i getting issue in kill process. Is it required to change the project to windows legacy. How we change and what to follow

@Puneet_Singh3 It should work, please try with small “msedge” or msedge.exe"

already tried its failing

@Puneet_Singh3 Same I used its working for me.

Application kill working but its throwing error afterwords

@Puneet_Singh3 Try to run the file with out debug mode. First time I encountered as well but after running I am able to run in any mode

Hi @Puneet_Singh3

Just to confirm can you try deleting the kill process activity and then drag and drop a new activity? maybe it is bugged or something like that
Also set to OnlyCurrentSession




This is observed sometimes…but.I believe the window would be closed still…try to set it inside a try catch to ignore the rror and move forward…

If the window is not closing then please open locals panel and show the exception details


Hi @Puneet_Singh3

Instead of using the “Kill Process” activity, you can also consider alternative methods to terminate processes, such as using PowerShell commands or the Task Manager application. These methods can provide more flexibility and control over terminating processes.

If you can provide more details about the specific issue you are facing with the “Kill Process” activity, I can assist you further in troubleshooting and finding an appropriate solution.