Bot Unable to Close/Kill MS Edge

Hi Experts, need your input on following issue.

Bot is using MS Edge for UI automation, in the event of an application exception, Existing MS Edge must be closed / killed before starting next transaction, however existing edge windows kept open and bot opens new Edge windows for next transaction. Below are the screenshot of Kill Process I am using



Set AppliesTo as All and then check it once.

Thnx @lakshman.
Question - multiple robots are set up on a single VM using high density, if it is set to All, wouidn’t it kill other robot edge sessions?


Could you pls check any setting on the edge browser that preventing killing the current session. Thanks.

Hi @ramvashista85

If ‘Kill Process’ activity is not help you, please use the below code,

Dim p As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName(“MicrosoftEdge”)
For i = 0 To p.Count - 1

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

it didnt work

You can try a quick power shell script to close the edge browser and invoke the script. let me know.

here is the code you can try as script:

taskkill /IM msedge.exe /F

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