Close Kill Process in Studio X

Hey guys it would be cool if you could add the kill or close process options within Studio X as often Excel seems to be running in Task Manager causing issues.

Hi @richarddenton ,

In the latest studiox i could see that there is filter in the activities section show developer activities there i could find that kill process as one of the activity. it is working as expected. please refer the below screenshot. Please review and let us know is that what you are referring. thanks.



What version are you using? I’m on 2021.10.4 - can’t see this option or a Developer drop down.

i am using the 2021.10.4 only. please refer the below screenshot it is having show developer option in the filter section. Not sure why you are unable to see it. please update the packages would help you i guess. thanks.

Sorry for some reason I am not able to upload images. It is throwing some error in forum.


Got it - you need to unhide it from the filter. Thanks.

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