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Hello Everyone ,
I would like to do RPA Developer advanced Certification so i checked the the site and found list of courses on UI path academy like Level 1 RPA developer foundation , RPA infrastructure , Level 2 Orchestra tar etc so kindly help to understand how many (and which one) courses do we need to complete in order to clear this certification ?
Second thing i started with Level 1 RPA developer foundation but i could not find any instantiation related chapter so i guess i am missing some sequence of doing these coursers so please help to provide :
1: List of courses required to clear the certification
2. Sequence to do these course .
Thanks in advance …

Hi @Amit_Agrawal1
You can find information on installation e.g. here:

As for the courses, the Advanced training starts with the quote “Now that you have completed the Foundation and Orchestrator training modules, the next step in your RPA education program is to start working on some real-life processes in which you have to utilize the full extent of your newly acquired RPA skills.” As you can see, these trainings have been revamped a few times, so it may make sense to look into the brand new versions. Hope this helps…

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How to get certified UiPath RPA -

  1. Request the community edition software from the below link -
  1. Install the community edition software
  1. Register on UiPath academy
  1. Enroll the courses,
    Level1: Foundation training
    Level2: Orchestrator training
    Level3: Advanced Certification
  1. Complete the courses in the order (step4)
    Note - If you get stuck, ask in UiPath community forum
  1. Once you are done with the trainings, get the developer certification from the below link
    Process Automation Certification - UiPath Certified Professional | UiPath
  1. If your license gets expired, renew the license from here

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