Regarding the Ui path studio

I am trying to download the ui path studio of community edition, after filling the necessary details in registration form & click on sign up button, it does not proceed further.

Please help us to resolve this issue.

Sadiq Rizvi.

You will get a mail to the ID which you gave in the registration form…

If it is not processing further, check if you are missing any field… @sadiq_rizvi

I had done all the details corrected but not getting any email from Ui path.

Sadiq Rizvi.


Now no need to register there.

If you want to download UIpath studio then go to this link:

If you have already account then login through either chrome, mircosoft or LinkedIn else create account. Once you logged into this site, go to Resource Center tab and there you can find both latest release of Community and Enterprise Edition of UIpath. Just click on download button to download it.

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If you’re still not getting any emails from UiPath, check your spam folder. My work account has a filter that marked it as spam.