Can't download UIPath community edition

Dear all,
I need you help ! I changed my laptop and need to download again UIPath Community edition. I fiiled in the form on the website but received no link to download UIPath.
I tried to reach the helpdesk but they don’t provide help for the community edition.

Thaht’s why I need your help to ding a way to receive the link and download UIPath as I want to continue my trainings.

Thank you in advance.


I think you got mail. Please check mail in spam folder or other folders. Still if you didn’t get then again register and try.

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Hi @lakshman, I checked but no emails.
I tried several times before I wrote my first post so I will submit a new request for the community edition and let you know.


If you have that downloaded UIPath software then install it else take it from other colleagues and install it.

you would have got an email last time when you registered for Ui community. Try using the link from that to download CE again.

if thats not working, i guess you will have to register with a new email id (which i strongly don’t recommend)

I have no colleagues from which I can get the file.
I just filles in the form again and no email nowhere I my mailbox.

Can you @lakshman sent me the file?

Hi @VirajN,
The problem is that I reveived no email when I registered for Ui Community.
The only email I received is from UIPath Forum.

Unfortunately, I tried with different email id as I didn’t received anything with the first email. What will be the consequences?

@ovi and @loginerror

Please help him to download UIPath studio and he registered in UIPath site but he did not received any mails to download link. Is there any other solution to this ?

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Thank you @lakshman ! Still waiting for advices from your colleagues.