Unable to request Community Edition



I have requested UiPath Community Edition last day for mail Id, chandru.karunanithi@gramenerit.com, Still waiting to get link.

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Hi Chandru,

I have checked and indeed you made the request yesterday, but on or side the mail is sent. Have you checked the spam folder? Or search for “Here’s the download link for UiPath Community Edition” from “UiPath Robotic Process Automation”.

Let me know if you still don’t find the mail.




Thanks guys… I just received it in my Inbox and started downloading…


Hi ,

I am trying to install Community edition but I am not able receive email on "vineetaggarwal@kpmg.com". I require the tool. Please help


Check Spam folder once


I dont have any Spam folder. Besides that, I have checked in Junk Mails but there is no mail.


Okay don’t worry I am including member from UiPath I am sure they will help you. @ovi Can you help here please