Regarding selector


I have all my selectors in IE. Is there any one time way to change them to chrome.
As I have many workflows.

i dont think so!
you have to rebuild the seletors again!

Hi @Pradnya_Mane

Why you want to switch from IE to Chrome. Any specific reason?

This is customer requirement

Is there any other simple alternative

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cheers @Pradnya_Mane

Many selectors not validating by defalut only the changing the browser tht is the challenge

Hi welcome to the community!
Selectors are not browser fixed, they should work in any browser…

Hi @Pradnya_Mane.

You will need to update each selectors.
I hope that your activities are placed inside an Attach Browser activity so that you will just update the selector of this activity, and all activities’ selectors inside it are automatically updated based on the Attach Browser activity’s selector.



It’s depends on browser and also how we created selectors. If you see Selector then you can find like browser name also included into the Selector and in that case it won’t work in other browsers unless we changed it.

yes, but that would be a bad selector :wink:

A Browser Change will Touch followings

  • The selectors
  • The Browser Type settings (e.g Open Browser)

The need to do a Change can Happen or Not, depends on the Details. But we would assume that Tasks needs to be done.

In our Project WE analyzed some scenarios, Migration patterns and Then did the replacements with Mass replacements on Text Base in the xamls. Still some corrections and Tests were required. But this approach decreased the manually effort to a signifikant level of less to do by hand