How to transfer entire code written for Web Automation on IE to Google chrome?

I have developed a bot which populates few values and click few elements on the screen and saves that page and perform other steps.

Now I have developed that code for IE browser, after changing the browser type from UiPath to Google Chrome the same code is not working, so is there any way by which we can make it work if we want to change the browser?

Appreciate your help in advance!


@kaushal, Hi and welcome to the community

Unfortunately no, you have to re-do all the selectors so they work for Chrome.

@kaushal Welcome to UiPath forum, you will have to record all the selectors again for chrome. Unfortunately until now there is no such tool for modifying selectors working for IE to selectors that will work with chrome.

have a quick search on the selector and compare between IE and Chrome. We would assume that the majority of differences occur on the Top Selector with app="chrome.exe… or similar.

a mass search & replace within an editor e.g. notepad++ over all XAMLs specific to some activities (e.g. attach, Open Browser) and the Browsertype settings has the potential to reduce the manually effort


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