Regarding Re-framework

How many kill process available by default in Re-framework? And how many times we use kill process in Re-framework?

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Let’s go one by one

By default there are no kill process included in RE framework

It just has kill process xaml where we can add one single kill process activity within a loop to kill all back running processes or applications
It is invoked 3 times across the framework
Though the workflow is invoked three times its again the same one single xaml being called repeated
So on the whole it’s created one time and used in three places

And for this

To be exact only one time should be fine
And it depends on the process
That is if your process involves opening and closing multiple application then have those process names in a array and pass it to for each activity and inside the for each use one single kill process activity and pass the input as item.ToString in ProcessName property of kill process activity

For example



Hi @vivek_sinha

Kill process is used to forcefully terminate running applications. Its similar to what we do with windows task manager when some apps not responding. So in case of an error in the workflow, if we need to forcefully end the process, we use the KillAllProcesses.xaml to kill all associated applications. In order to kill applications, we use the Kill Process activity and we mention the process name which we want to kill.

By default there is no kill process

Have a look on it


Hi @vivek_sinha ,

If you meant How many Times the KillAllProcesses.xaml is being invoked in a Default RE-Framework process that is created.

The Total Count is 3

Main.xaml - In Init State (First Run) - 1
SetTransactionStatus.xaml - Try Killing Processes - 1
End Process - Failed to Close Applications - 1

You could also invoke it more times as required according to your project or implementation requirements.