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Can we kill multiple Process just by using single Kill process? Can we achieve this without using any loops? Just By using the Process Names in Activity Process name Field.
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hi @sathwikreddy
Kill Process will close all the instances of an application, you don’t want to use a loop.

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Thanks for the Reply.
I do know that it will close all the instances of that particular application. But what i want to know is can we close Different applications just by using a single Kill Process activity.

As far as I know, you need to use Get Processes to create an enumerable, then filter that list to the processes you want to kill and run them through a loop.

If you run a robot server with mutliple users at once, you will need to filter it by current user id. For examples, here is some discussion: Print all processes

And here is the Go submission that came from that if you want an example:



Hello, Thanks for sharing your idea. I would like to kill 4 selective applications. I don’t want to loop them because using 4 Kill process is much simpler than following the whole process which you mentioned above. I understand that it will be useful if there is a huge list of applications which need to be closed, but is way to put all application name is one kill process and kill all of them.

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Hi @sathwikreddy
As of my knowledge , Kill process activity can take up only string type and not the array of strings. so there are two options to solve this ,

  1. to go with 4 kill process activity
  2. As @ClaytonM mentioned , you can with looping.

I believe , if in case u want to kill 2 more process in your process future you have to add 2 other kill process. Instead you can go with looping whoch would be handy and neat.

Uthraa S.

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okay… thanks for sharing…