Difference beteen CloseAllApplications and KillAllProcess REFramework

When you deploy a project REFramework there is a documentation.
Also I read here:

But I can’t understand the difference between them in REFramework.
I think both of them they make the same result, for example if I need to close NAV Client, I can do it with both of them. But If I want to be sure he is completely close I will use KillAllApplications(Kill Process activity) Instead of CloseAllApplications (Close Application activity)


Kill Process:
This will kill the process from task manager - eg: if it is killed a excel.exe from task manager then you will get File recovery option when opening excel next time.

We need this to be done when some exception happened, hence we not able to do anything in the front end application we are killing it in the back end.

Close Application:
This will close the application in a proper way so no termination will happen in the back end.
This one will be done in a happy path when everything goes as expected.


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