Explanation of KillallProcesses.xaml

I was trying to understand the RE framework video from level 3 of academy.
So to get better foundation i am going through XAML files of framework given.
I was going through KillAllprocesses.xaml file.And all i could see was just a log lessage in it.I was thinking these XAML files are self sufficient and we just need to ensure we give the correct input to them.
But in the figure attached above,just logs wont kill the processes.So what is the intention behind it?

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of course you are right but we need to include a activity called kill process
and include the process name in the property processname between quotes like
for excel – “EXCEL”
for internet explorer - “iexplore”

and to check the exact processname we can go for task manage and get the process name in the process tab where we need to without the extension .exe and need to mantion that in the process name property of the kill process activity and include that activity in this xaml

the reason for this xaml is to kill process once all the transactions has been completed or if any system or application occurs it will come here so that it will killed and if needed will get restarted or not based on the situation or condition we frame in the template

Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

Hi Palaniyappan,

If we need to anyways use an activity called kill process,whats the use of this xaml…Is it for just logging?

And i noticed similar behaviour of just loggin in initallApplications.

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Usually REFramework is a template and we need to include our activities and frame according to our process

Yes you are right where in InitAllApplication also will have the template where we need to invoke certain workflow and include activities as per the process
and it applies the same to the kill process

This xaml is used to kill all the process when any application or system error occurs or
if any process transaction is completed

I got it.Thank you

Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

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