Regarding a click activity in my project

Hello Guys, I am guru prakash. As i am new to ui path studio, i dont know many of things except some basic things. could you help me to overcome it? i am about to use click activity in my project.but it is a floating options of two options. i dont know how to use. for your convenient that image is uploaded.

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Use f2 key for timeout then navigate to dropdown or you can do web recording, see documentation

Video demo


@GURU_PRAKASH_S, hi and welcome to the community,

when you say its a “floating of two options”, what do you mean ?

Hello,i want to print timetable from academics in the web. Here it’s not a permanent click activity it’s a floating one. I meant that I have to click on a option academics to click on report to click on timetable. But here in uipath there is a single time application of click provided. Kindly see image attached.

Thank you gentleman , But i have already tried it. Since it allows three seconds. From that i am able to click only upto report. I want timetable from that report. It takes three clicking options. So that I’ve asked. Kindly see provided image.