Once click activity pause reaches 0 the list I'm trying to click disappears

I’m on the ACME Website https://acme-test.uipath.com/home doing a simply click activity. However I press F2 and then click the button so I get a list of options but as soon as the time counts down to 0 the list disappears?

See video below

I’m using google chrome with uipath add-in not had the issue before so any suggestions?

I could just use the url link for the button but i’d like to understand the cause of this or how to work around it next time it occurs for another website?

Hi @OwenB,
Have you tried this with IE? Acme was built to be compatible with IE so other browsers can have an issues.

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Hi @OwenB i also faced same issue

So alternative to this what i did is i used naviagate to activity

Like from homepage , i need to move like this , User options> Download Client and Support

So i did like this

  1. Attach browser activity to attach the homepage
  2. inside it use naviagate to activity with url of Download Client and Support page

Attaching screenshot for reference

Hope it helps you

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Nived N

Happy Automation


That was one of the options I considered, but if the link changed then it could fail. In the end I went with ClickImage to search for the reset option.

That said its possible that could also change so I think either are suitable solutions.

Hi @Pablito,

Yes looks like that was why, Just tested in IE and it was fine. I went with ClickImage to search for the reset option in Chrome. I assume that’s a suitable, reliable solution should I come across something like this again?

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There shouldn’t be any other issue from what I remember.

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