How i can use this type of select


I am new to using uipath, and i need help. I would like to click on the “Journal” choice in the “Paiement en magasin” menu.
I cannot just click because the choices disappear if I want to take a screenshot.
I used “select Item” but it doesn’t work

Thank you

Hi @Bhairia_Abderrazak :wave:

Usually these types of drop down won’t change so, you can try this:

  1. Click on the ‘Paiement en magasin’ button
  2. Use Send Hotkey ‘down’ until you select the required item
  3. Use Get Text and check if you have selected the correct item (after selecting)
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Press F2 when indicating the element.This is a “pause” button that allows you to click the menu button before choosing which submenu you’d like to choose as for your click activity

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Hi @Bhairia_Abderrazak,

You can tick Simulate click property of the click activity. This enables the bot to click the option even though its not in the foreground.
You need to find the selector by pressing F2 and moving to that option.
Hope this helps!

Happy Coding! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help,
I cannot identify the condition then select the desired item

it doesn’t work, can you explain to me a little more. thank you

It will require 2 ‘click’ activities. The first click activity you click on the “Paiement en magasin” button. For the second click activity, you are strugglign because when you try to click it disappears, correct? This is where you can use the F2 delay.

First use the click activity and choose the ‘indicate on screen’ button.
Next, click F2 on your keyboard
Now click the “Paimenet en magasin” button so the dropdown menu appears (do this quickly after pressing F2)
Wait a second or two for the uipath uiexplorer tool to start working again.
Click the “Journal” button in the dropdown menu

After following those steps, it should populate the click activity with the correct selector for the “Journal” sub-menu button

thank you, but the F2 function works well, and I can see the 3 seconds timer in uipath but the field disappears after 3 seconds I cannot choose the right item

I found the solution:
1- hover activity (Paiement en magasin)
2- Click Text activity , and i choose ("Journal)

Thank you for ur help

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