Refresh Excel file in SharePoint

Hi all, can anyone tell me how can i refresh the excel file in SharePoint.
I have a Excel file in SharePoint in that it have 3 sheets with formulas. I want to refresh 2 sheets based on name.
How can I achieve this


Please check if the file is synced to local . If so you can directly access excel form that folder and use excel activities. To refresh excel you can use Refresh Excel Data Connections activity . Please check the below thread

Hi @Uthraa_S we are not syncing this to local. I have to do it in online only. I’m using Graph API activities. If not i can use scripting also.

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There is no prebuilt activity for online excel file in SharePoint. You got scripting option only.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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Hi @ashokkarale thanks for the info. Let me try that.

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Can anyone help me. Do we have any possibility to achieve this using API. If yes can anyone guide me how Can i do this.