Refresh excel data connections from Excel stored on SharePoint site

Hello all - my first post here. I am fairly new to UiPath and will be using the Refresh Data Connections activity, but what I am uncertain of is how I get an external excel file INTO the UiPath project?

Use case:

Bot accesses .xlsb file stored on a SharePoint site (or other network location)
Bot refreshes all data connections
Bot refreshes pivot tables
Bot SAVES file back to Share and closes file
End of process

How do I get the remote file INTO the UiPath project so that this can be achieved?


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if the file is in network location and if you have access we can access the file just as a normal file

if in sharepoint we need to use office 365 activities to first get the file to local and then perform the activities and place back the file

for excel related refresh and all we have excel activities which can be used


Thank you, Anil. What I still don’t understand is this part:

o first get the file to local and then perform the [activities](Activities) and place back the file

I assume that means download the file from the share location and then copy it down to the UiPath project so that UiPath can do work on it?


Using office 365 activities you can write to excel and read from excel…directly from sharepoint

But refreshing the connections we dont have an activity yet…sow e need to use download file and then refresh and then upload the file back…

When you download normal excel activities would work…which has refresh data connections