Refresh Browser mean F5 or Cntrl F5

Is refresh browser do F5 or Cntrl+F5

If only F5, can some one suggest me the right way to clear chrome browser cache in UiPath.



I think you can use ctrl+shfit+r

For refresh, i would suggest, use Activity
Refresh browser/Tab activity inside Attach Browser

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F5 triggers a standard reload.

Ctrl F5 triggers a forced reload. This causes the browser to re-download the page from the web server, ensuring that it always has the latest copy.

Unlike with F5, a forced reload does not display a cached copy of the page.

In summary: F5 reloads the page from server, but uses browser’s cache for page elements like scripts, image, CSS stylesheets, etc, etc. But Ctrl+F5, reloads the page from server and also reloads its contents from server and doesn’t use local cache at all.

Thank you for the suggestion, but is there any official document from UiPath that it would do only F5.


I don’t know any document, but for F5 you can use send hotkey activity

Thank you for the response, Which these actions would refresh browser element will do?

Both will work. Ctrl F5 will take slightly long.
You can also use UiPath Browser Refresh activity

Hi KanadMehta,

Browser Refresh activity would do F5 or Cntrl+F5 that is my doubt.


Both work. But use F5 as standard

It would do F5

Thank you …