Right click and clicking an element form the menu is not working!

Hi guys,

I need to right click on chrome and i am trying to click reload from the menu using F2 key and click activity.
But right clicking performing successfully, for clicking reload it was throwing an error that:
Uielement is no longer valid:

anybody help me what was wrong !!!


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You need to use the click activity to click on the refresh button in a attach browser activity as it is a pop up.

Or, a simple thing , you can send a hot key F5 to refresh or ctrl + R.

yeah obviously i know to handle this on some other way and also i did it.
I want to know why this right click and selecting the menu is not working for me.
Will you help me in this error !!!
how can click reload only using mouse.

Try this

we can use Refresh browser activity to refresh a browser page
–use this activity where we want to reload
for more info on this

Cheers @Sriram07

No its not working @HareeshMR

I knew it bro.
But tell me why this is not working !
Right Click-Reload (or) open in new window (or) any menu options
Why its not working throws me an error “Uielement is not valid” what did i wrong?

anyone help me to solve this guys!!

Is it recognizing the element on the pop up you are getting? @Sriram07

No that’s the problem it was not recognizing anything in that right click menu.
Check and share me the workflow @HareeshMR kindly! if possible!

Hi @Sriram07

Could you try to post a screenshot again?
I think I understand your scenario. Basically, this is your scenario:

  1. Start capturing selector
  2. Press F2 to pause it for 3 seconds
  3. Right click a menu in Chrome
  4. Wait…
  5. Choose your element

After you do the 5., Studio throws Uielement is no longer valid. This happens most likely because the menu got closed before the selector could have been captured.

It would help to see which right click menu is it.

sorry right now i cant post any screenshot.
browser : Chrome
think like any webpage say google.com
and assume i want to do right click on that image of google and i want to select a right click menu as “Open image in New Tab”
But whatever you are saying is exactly correct that’s the problem I’m facing.
Let me know how can we solve this.


Please try input type as Send Window Message while clicking on Reload button. Default is not working for me. You can also try sending hotkey ctrl+R to reload the page.

If you want to open any link in new tab, then try ctrl+Click on that particular link instead of normal click or trying right click and then Open in new tab.
In key modifiers property of click, you can check ctrl to perform above action.

Strangely enough, it worked for me:

Could you make sure your UiPath.UiAutomation package is updated to the latest Stable version 19.7.0?
This might help here.

I tested it on Stable Studio Community Edition 2019.7 with all packages updated to their latest versions as well.


Yeah it was working now !!!

Will you please explain me why After enable of Send Window message It was working Fine???

what is the role for Send Window message here ?

There are various input methods with different properties. You can read more about them on below link:
Input Types

Yeah bro i knew it theoretically and i read the document as well.
But still i didn’t get what really send windows messages helping here ? Simulate click also not working for this case , i tried !!!
Why default method failed here?

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