ReFramework with email


I’ve created a solution within ReFramework wheremy transaction items are emails.
I was told that in my company we have to use queues.

Basically what I do, In init stage I download list of emails and I pass it to Get Transaction data where
out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber-1)

Where and how should I paste Add Queue Item and Get transaction item then?

Thanks for help


May I know what you want to pass from Email to Orchestrator Queue and reading it back ?

actually guys from my company want to monitor the queues and processes so I need to put the transactiom items(emails) to orchestrator to have that monitored somehow

The item is Mail message which has different properties like from, sender, body etc.
When we create a queue item it accepts collections in which you have mention each field or a dictionary.
So you have to manually assign each field in collections property of add queue item activity. or you can create a dictionary and add the necessary fields from Amil message item to that dictionary.
To initialise a dictionary:
new Dictionary(of String, String)
To add a new itne to dictionary, assign
dtMailMessage(‘Body’)= MailMessage.Body