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I need to download emails from Outlook and I use ReFramework here. Where should I place Get Emails activity? In Init, Get Tran Data?


Hi @jeyekij306 ,

What kind of data are you going to provide as Transaction_Item?

Hi @jeyekij306,

If I understand correctly, you are going to fetch emails from outlook and do some processing with that data, right?

If yes, It should be under Init state.

Then get transaction data is to get data item one by one to process. Now if you are using queues, that fetch from queue will come here. If you are using datatable/excel, that fetch will come here.

I am attaching re-framework documentation for your reference, this document is really helpful to understand its working on what part of the process should fit where.

REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)


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Hi, @jeyekij306 !!! How are you???

I will explain an example that I use frequently in my work !! An automation needs to read all emails, select only those that have the string β€œREGISTER” in the subject, the attachment is downloaded and saved in a shared folder.

β†’ First I define my transaction data as a MailMessage list and my TransactionItem as a MailMEssage.
β†’ In my Init state, I read all my emails in my Outlook inbox and filter the ones of interest.
β†’ I then store that email list in my TransactionData variable.
β†’ In Get Transaction Data I get MailMEssage by MailMessage and store it in my TransactionItem.
β†’ In the process state, I download the attachment from my MailMEssage TransactionITem and save it in the shared folder.

Hope this helps!!


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