In REframework how to send each mail message as a transaction item into a queue

I am working on a process where I have to retrieve unread emails from an email account and process the pdf attachment in the emails and write the data from the pdf attachment into an excel sheet.

So this was my approach where one email is read using get outlook mail activity and this data must be added to the queue and if it consists of any pdf it needs to download the pdf and add the pdf text data into the queue.

this needs to be done for each email.

I am not understanding how to add the email data into the Queue. Any help would be appreciated.

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Content to be pushed to Orchestrator queue need to be serializable to JSON.

In your case, you can read emails, validate emails and download PDF attachment before pushing data to Orchestrator queue.

And for each queue Item you can add fields to “Item Collection” e.g.
Mail Subject
Mail From
Date Received
PDF File Name

And then for each transaction you can read PDF which is already downloaded at specific path get the content from PDF and update it in “Output” field of queue item.


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thank you will work on it