ReFramework - using datatable or excel file as the transactionItem

Hey all,

I’m trying to see it its possible to change the transaction Item type to a data table or a excel file?


need to log in to a system, get report and save it in a file. Then that report becomes the transaction item. It will get moved from one folder to a different one and it will change the name of the report.

any ideas about how to what will I need to change the TransactionItem type too? and if this is possible in the ReFramework?

Many thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Your transaction data should be List<System.FileInfo> and your transaction item datatype should be FileInfo. But for this you need to change the GetTransaction.xaml as well to process list of files.

Else you can add all the file names to a datatable and use it with RE-Framework

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Thank you for your help! I’m guessing that the second solution is simpler to execute?

@matt.guzek Yes…