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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to change the type of TransactionItem variable in the Main flow? Without having errors in anothers ReFramework flows e.g. SetTransactionStatus (even if I change arguments types)



If you are changing the type of transaction item, you have to change it in the invoked workflow arguments and also in the Set Transaction Status Activities used in the workflows.


I tried to do that, but it’s not working, internal flows are having exceptions.
Is it feasible (good practice) to change TransactionItem variable/argument type?


Yes. You can do that. It is not always the transaction item to be Queue item.
We can modify the REF as per the need.


In my case, I’m modifying the TransactionItem type of QueueItem type to DataRow type.
In the Get Transaction Data state within the Orchestrator stop request sequence, how should be the End Process TransactionItem assigment? Because whether assigns it to Nothing it’s giving an error of: “Cannot assign QueueItem to type DataRow”.


Just remove the Nothing, press Enter and again Enter Nothing


It worked like a charm, thanks!

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