REFRamework Template_ConsecutiveSystemExceptions

Continuing the discussion from RE Framwork: MaxRetryNumber vs MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions:

i understood the explanation and i got clarity that these values are configured in the CONFIG File but to my surprise i saw something in REFRamework Template… can you explain what is the below used for?

is it different from Config file value or ?


it is just a default value in case the field is removed from config this value is used

this value is over written if already present in config


can we configure the same for Business Exception? like consecutive 3 Business Exception?

@devasaiprasad_K ,

Sadly no readymade solution for that. If you want something like System exception for Business exception, you will have to build the logic.

You can add this logic in Get Transaction data, before Get Transaction Item, retrieve previous failed queue items and check if they were failed due to Business exception. This is time taking and non reliable solution.

You can use Orchestrator API to fetch the Failed queue items with API and do the logic as per your requirement.

Ashok :slight_smile:


We can configure…as mentioned by @ashokkarale that is not inbuilt…you can build similar to system exception

No need of getting queue item values and all…instead can use same as system exception of counting the exceptions


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