How to Check repeted system exception while running bot

There are cases when on given day there is serious issue with network or other coponent of automation and I dont want my bot to mark all the queue items as System exception with same reason.

In stead , if there is problem it should check the previous 5 Exception to determine if its of same type its should stop bot saying “All Items are getting stuck due to XYZ reason”

Currently , REframework take cares of System exception and retry it based on settings from Orchastrator, but it dont not check for multiple instance of same exception and keeps on marking alll items as failure.

Do you have any idea how we can implement that ? Any example workflow or Components on UiPath Go to be used for this ?

@prasadsatish You can have your own workflow to handle concurrent exception. For every system exception store exception.message into olderException(string) variable and increment the counter and check counter value with should Stop in Get Transaction item state of RE. If there is any other kind of exception/Successful occurred check it with the olderException and replace the olderException to new exception and reset the counter as well.

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We can take string type variable with its initial value.
That will count the exception and exception message also occurrence of same type in catch block and if another type of exception is occurs then variable initialize by its initial value otherwise variable value will increase at every exception of same type.
We can get the exception count.
Then exception count is 5 stop the execution.

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