REFramework & Modern Design (Excel Activities)

Dear All

In Performer Workflow Initialization State (in REFramework), I would like to open up an Excel template file.

Capture 1

By using Classic Excel Application Scope Activity, it was possible to set Output - Workbook property for any later usage of the same workbook.

If using Modern Design, I am not able to find a property for the similar use.

How should I keep the template Workbook open and use this later?
(I am reluctant to keep opening and closing the same Excel template file in Process Transaction State.)

HI @u2018dem0528

You can try with the start process activity or open application activity


Thanks for replying, but if using those Activities, we may not be able to use these Excel Activities, I suppose?

No @u2018dem0528
You can use these activities also You just need to enable the filter “Show Modern” if your project is in classic design or "Show Classic " if your project is in modern design

Mine is in classic design so i have enabled Show modern


Screenshot for your ref

there will be show classic if your project is a modern design

Hope this helps

Hi @u2018dem0528 ,

As suggested by @Sudharsan_Ka, we can you both the classic and modern activities in the same workflow, you can use the classic activities to achieve this.


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Thank you for this. Yes, I was implementing as above-mentioned, but just wondered if Modern can do the same way as Classic. If the current version of Modern doesn’t support, I will just stick to the Classic Excel.