ReFramework Screenshot for Excel Application Scope

Hi Advanced Developers,

I’m using reframework for creating a report in Excel (300k+ rows and 100+ columns)
Since the data is very huge, read excel is very not recommended so most of activities are done using Excel UI, e.g.:

  • Copy paste (value/formula) from Excel a to Excel b
  • Hide column
  • Filter
  • Copy Sheet to another Excel
  • Delete Sheet

Sometimes there are an issue where some UI Element in Excel isn’t recognized because:

  • Computer is lagging
  • The selector is not robust yet

As developer, I need to send e-mail notification with the screenshot of Excel when this issue happen.
To do this, I utilize Handle System Error to take screenshot & I add send e-mail workflow after take screenshot

My problem is the excel will be closed by ReFramework before taking screenshot, so I lose the visualization of Excel when exception happened.
Do you have any suggestion to prevent Excel closed so ReFramework able to capture the screenshot?


  • All Excel Application Scope placed in Process.xaml
  • I must utilize ReFramework Handle System Error because error can happened anywhere so I wouldn’t create exception handling one by one to safe my effort
  • Welcome to modify the ReFramework Template to achieve this.
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May I know how it is opened to foreground

Because only it’s excel application scope it will get closed
But if it’s start process activity unless we do it explicitly it won’t close the application

cheers @alexologica

I’m using Excel Application Scope because some activities are done using UiPath Excel Activities:

  • Refresh Pivot Table
  • Read Cell (Sometimes i need to read 1 cell to do some validation)

I ever used Start Process but now it is not allowed by my customer because UiPath Principal told my customer to use Excel Application Scope :frowning: :zipper_mouth_face: