UiPath Studio - Modern Activities - Excel

Hello everyone,

I was trying to perform some actions in excel file and after that do some other activities, in another workflow, but in the same excel file.

I am wondering if there is an option to pass workbook as output(as it was possible in classic activities) to another workflow, using modern excel activities, without closing & opening same file? In my case I have to do that, so I am able to set timeout on the entire workflow (Excel_RemoveDuplicatesX), as sometimes there is a pop-up, which is freezing an entire excel at RemoveDuplicatesX activity.



In ModernExcel, UseExcelFile activity identifies workbook by not handle like WorkbookApplicarion instance but its filename. It seems enough because excel.exe cannot open 2 or more workbooks which have same filename.


Thank you Yoichi, it’s more clear right now.

I am wondering if that also means, that whenever I use “Use Excel File” with path, to already opened file, it will work like an “Attach Window” and it will continue work?

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