Missing Excel Pross Scope


Trying to follow along to a youtube video from Anders Jenssen but I’m missing the activitiy Excel Process Scope. How do I Get that?


Click in the settings icon in your project, and then enable modern experience

Also upgrade your excel and system.activities packages


Download UiPath.excel.activities package

If you are using classic- Excel application scope
Modern - excel process scope

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Excel Process scope is the Modern activity in UiPath Studio. For using this activity you have to enable the Modern Design Experience. In Project panel click on settings tab, a popup is displayed in that popup you have enable the “Modern Design Experience” option.

To use the excel activities in UiPath Studio install the “UiPath.Excel.activities” Package.

Hope it will Help!!

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Modern is activated, gonna update my activities packages.

Edit: I worked, thx for the help.

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