REFramework Lvl3 RPA Developer training


I don’t understand can anybody please help! I need to use the REFramework have watched the corresponding video twice but still don’t understand, do I download the file and change name, but then the whole process is still there or do I have to build a process based off of that template please help, the thing I don’t get is down below.

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No worries
To change the the name and description of the project
Close the studio and open the PROJECT.JSON file from the reframework project folder that you have created,with notepad
And in that make changes with the name and description
Save it
And now open the main.xaml and it would be with the new name that is mentioned in the project.json file opened in notepad

Hope this would help you
Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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kindly let know for any queries or clarification
cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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sure i am checking it right now! Thank for the respond!!

@Palaniyappan Thanks for the respond but still if i open the main.xaml there is still this whole project in it look down below.

once after changing the name in project.json file
close the uipath and restart it once and then open the mail.xaml of that project where in the top we can see the change in the our project name

Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

yeah true it changed but there still is this whole example process in the studio what do i do?

Thanks a lot btw @Palaniyappan

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We need to create a process as per the requirement given in PDD
Where this is just a beginning process of renaming the project
Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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ohh yeah okay so i get this now its really easy but then they tell me to change things in the config file, but they dont tell me how to get a config do i just (copy) it in my process from the REFramework folder?
cheers @Palaniyappan

Yes of course you can and it’s a standard template that can be used
Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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Ahhh okay many thanks for helping really helping me out thanks, i am only 14 so thanks!

Cheers @Palaniyappan

any time :slight_smile:
cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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So what do I do now? how do I get the config file in here, do I just literally copy the process from the REFramework example process? txt is down below!


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