ReframeWork naming

This is a screenshot from uipath academy advanced level training. It says to rename the folder to ReFramework_UiDemo and edit name property in json as UiPath_REFrameWork_UiDemo.
Will it work. As if I know the folder and name property of JSON should be same

The “name” is the name that the project will be called when you publish; the folder name can be completely different to this as the JSON file it looking in the current directory in whatever folder it is in. The “description” will be what the project’s purpose is. The “main” is the workflow file that will be started when you run your process.

Hope that helps.

So it is not necessary to have the json file name property and folder name same right???

Yeah, it’s not necessary to use the same exact folder name. However, you still want to name the folder to what the project name is and try to be consistent, so normally the folder name and name in the json will be the same when you are consistent.

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UiPath Studio 2019.2.0 already provide the REFramework as a template.
You can start New Project from Template and choose the Robotic Enterprise Framework.
This will automatically adjust the Name and Description at the project file as what defined when creating the project.

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