REFramework - logging all errors in excel

Hi all,

I trying to find a way here I can log any error message that is mage to an excel file.
Atm I have a report being done that tracks TransactionID and Status (“Success”, “Business Exception” and “App exception”). I want to include a third column that would show which part of the process failed. This report is generated in the SetTransactionStatus workflow

Can I somehow fit that in there? or do I need a different report generated in a different part of the REFramework?

thank you for any help !

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Hi @matt.guzek ,

For this, we could use the .Source Property of the Exception variable. It should be able to point out the Activity Responsible for the Error.

Also, Check .TargetSite Property and let us know if any one of them fits the criteria required.

Hey @matt.guzek

If you have followed proper naming conventions, Exception.Source will do the job.